Silicon Carbide Substrates.

Key Specifications, 2″
Chemical formula SiC
Orientation C-plane (0001) 0+/-0.5o
Diameter (mm)  50.8
Thickness (um)  330
Primary flat  A-plane

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General Description of SiC substrates:

We have 2 inches, 3 inches, 4 inches and 6 inches SiC substrates. Silicon carbide is known as the core material for third generation semiconductor, with high voltage, high frequency and other features.

They can be widely used in high-power & high-frequency electronic devices, semicon-ductor light-emitting diode (LED), also 5G communications, logistics networks and other micro-wave communications.

Application1: Optoelectronics field
Light-emitting diode (LED) is a kind of electronic component which use the combination of electronic and hole, is a cold light source of energy saving. SiC material has the advantages of low lattice mismatch with GaN, high thermal conductivity, small device size, strong antistatic ability and high reliability, and is an ideal substrate for GaN-based epitaxial materials.

Because of its good thermal conductivity, SiC solves the problems of power as GaN-LED device need cool-ing, especially for the preparation of high-power semiconductor lighting with LED. This means improving the light efficiency, but also effectively reducing energy consumption.

Application2: Power electronics field
The third-generation semiconductors represented by SiC have the advantages of forbidden bandwidth, high thermal conductivity, high breakdown field strength, high saturated electron drift rate, stable chemical property, high hardness, abrasion resistance, high bond strength, high energy resistance and radiation resistance , Which can be widely used in the manufacture of high temperature, high frequency, high power, radiation resistant, high power and high density integrated electronic devices.

The power electronics (SBD, MOSFET, IGBT, BJT, JFET,) developed by SiC substrate can be used in transformer, wind power, solar energy, hybrid vehicles and other power electronics to reduce power loss, reduce heat, high-temperature environment, improve efficiency and increase reliability.