CO2 Laser Marking Machine


100W CO2 Laser Marking Machine with Iradion Laser Source

Key Specifications
Max Output Power (W) 100
Wavelength (um) 10.64
Repetition Rate (KHz) 20 to 100
Engraving Speed 300 standard characters per
Host Size (mm) 800 x 1450 x 1730

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Product Application

This CO2 laser marking machine is suitable for use with non-metallic material such as paper, leather, cloth, organics, glass, resin, acrylic, woolens, plastic, rubber, ceramic, crystal, jade, bamboo, wood crafts, packing of food and medicines, product identification and serial number, advertising signs.

Product Features

  1. Stable laser power output, good quality light spot, high precision marking, high speed, engraving depth can be freely adjusted.
  2. No consumables, low processing costs, the operating life up to 20000-40000 hours.
  3. Marking clear, wear-resistant, energy saving and environmental friendly.
  4. Supporting PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP and other files capable of directly using SHX, TTF fonts.
  5. Supporting the marking of automatic codes, serial numbers, dates, barcodes and QR code, software functions as graphic counter marking, equipped with light curtain device, hence safer in the application.

Detail Specifications:

Standard Accessories

  1. A set of CO2 Laser Device
  2. A set of Digital Scanning System
  3. A set of high-speed Scan Lens
  4. 10mm x110mm CO2 Focus Lens
  5. Motion control card + Marking software
  6. A set of industrial computer
  7. A red laser pointer
  8. A pedal switch
  9. Work table(300mm x 300mm or 150mm x 250mm)
  10. Laser power supply
  11. Laser equipment cabinet

Optional Accessories

  1. 3D work table
  2. Rotary device
  3. Voltage stabilizer/regulator
  4. UPS
  5. Water chiller
  6. Fume extractor